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I have been getting alot of requests for help lately for machines that are re-sold or are being put back in production after sitting for some time. One of the problems for belts machines that have been sitting is the belts themselves. After some time they take a set in that postion. When the drives are switched on, with the virtual button on the top right of the screen, and then sent to the home position, you often get an immediate following error or servo error. The easiest thing to do is to physically move the machine with the controller turned off. This may take a buddies help with the gantry. Stand at the side of the machine and with your hands touching the vertical side plate...not the cover...by the gantry tube, push the whole gantry assembly to the far end of the machine and back again. Just to eliminate some confusion this is the x-axis. Then do the same with the y-axis. Put your hands on the side of the spindle or vertical z-plate and push the carriage to the far side of the gantry tube and back again. This helps lossen the mechanicals and often helps to get the machine up and running or on to the next problem to be solved.   

        The other thing that can be checked when the gantry (x-axis) is being freed up is the gantry alignment. This is the first thing that I do when someone has called me for help with their machine. I can tell alot about the condition of a machine when I do this test. At both ends of the machine are two black plastic stops that are put on when the machine is manufactured. More specifically, they are put on when the gantry is dialed in square to the x-axis before the belts and pulleys are put on the machine. When the edges of the vertical side plates touch these stops the machine is square at that end. You must check both ends of the table to get the complete picture of the condition of the machine. Things like uneven belt stretch, loose pulley on a shaft or a belt that has jumped a tooth will cause one side to touch before the other at one end or both ends.

     These are a couple of items that will help you get your router up and running again. As always, don't hesitate to call me if you have questions about your Precix Router.


Russ, first-Off PROTOTYPE.

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