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First-Off Prototype Is here to help you repair your Precix CNC router

Precix cnc machines are great machines. They have been sold around the world for many years. They have morphed into quite a few configurations. Most people are familiar with the Signmaker, Industrial, and The newer Industrial RP. The Industrial RP is the "Rack and Pinion" machine that has been sold almost exclusively since 2004. Depending on the size they would be a 5100, 9100, 11100 or 13100.

     Before 2004 the machines would be known as the Signmaker or Industrial. These machines use a belt/pulley as their final drive and use a compound belt/pulley speed reduction system on the x-axis and y-axis. These can be seen by removing the gantry covers. The z-axis also uses a belt/pulley to drive the z-axis ball screw. It can be seen under the carriage cover. 

     The newer Industrial RP (rack and pinion) uses a duplex planetary gear box for speed reduction and rack and pinion for the final drive on x and y. The z-axis is a direct motor to ball screw drive. The final drive of the x-axis carries 2 pinions on a common pinion shaft to drive bothe sides of the gantry. This keeps the gantry from "walking" as it travels the x-axis.

     Because the older belt machines have many moving parts, and because they have been around for many years, thier mechanical components need more attention then would be require on the newer Industrial RP. Also consider that the newest belt machine is about 5 years old.

     In terms of controllers there is basically 2 configurations. A stepper or a servo. Older machines may have a stepper or servo. But all machines since 2003 have been servo controllers. The steppers generally have a long, rectangular case with a 2 line LCD display. No monitor. No mouse. The servo's all use a monitor and a mouse and the case is a large black box in the front of the table. Like all computers and PCB based components, they have a service life. As the end of that life approaches the machine will begin to act up. Following errors are usually the first clue. These will be random. They will pop-up when you are jogging and when running a program or when you first start the machine. Some of the components can be replaced with current products and some can not. Also, there are proprietary components that can only be bought through Precix. But in either case, stepper or servo, the controllers can be upgraded to a windows based "open-architecture" controller which is not proprietary. Parts can be purchased from many sources. And the parts are not tied to specific software.


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